Jahr des Dienstes – ein Bericht aus South Dakota

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Der australische Bahai-Jugendliche James Bell absolviert momentan sein Jahr des Dienstes bei Amerikanischen Ureinwohnern in dem Standing Rock Reservation, South Dakota, USA. Er berichtete in einem Bahai Magazin über seine Erfahrungen und spirituellen Erlebnisse. Wenn euch dieser Bericht anspricht und ihr gerne mehr darüber erfahren möchtet dann findet ihr seine E-mail Adresse enthalten.

Es folgt der Bericht in Englisch:

Toniktuka he (hello in Lakota). My name is James Bell, I’m from Perth. I wanted to write some thing to all of you back home describing my experiences
so far and encourage some of the Aussie youth come out here for their Youth Year Of Service. Well so far I’ve had the most uplifting
spiritual experiences of my life. I think I would have to say as well,
easily the best eight months of my life. Why? Because I’ve obtained I think, true spiritual happiness, like never before.
I am living on Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota, USA, (right
on the Missouri for all you geographical geeks). I was invited to do my service
here by Kevin Locke after being knocked back from a number of usual YYOS
places; it was almost like it was meant to be.

Kevin and I have been engaged in starting up and running children’s classes
where possible. I have been concentrating on the children here, as the social
framework is almost completely ruined by the effect of people turning to alcohol and drugs. So it’s the children that we
have to concentrate on here before they are affected by the environment that they in which they live.
Yep you guessed it. Third World poverty smack bang in the middle of the
USA. The Native American Culture (Lakota Sioux) here is amazing. I’ve attended Inipi’s (sweat lodge), sun dances, Pow
Wow’s and had the great honor and privilege of helping out with a friend of
mine dong his Vision Quest. It’s been a great time to learn about
the culture here, which some people might say is probably one of the richest
indigenous cultures in the world today.

The things that I have be able to experience on a daily basis have blown my
mind and have tested me in ways I would have never have thought I would have been able to over come. My experience has given me a better understanding and appreciation to our beloved Faith and
has in enabled me to cement my Bahá’í identity, which was something I was
fi nding every hard to do back home. My time here on the Indian Reservation has been a life changing experience, which I think is truly priceless.
But unfortunately it’s time for me to leave here and for some else to take up
where I will leave off. I know that every body’s YYOS is completely different,
but I know that the blessing and teaching experiences that one will have here are amazing and will be with you for this world and in the next.

Any further information or questions regarding the possibility of doing your
service here, please don’t hesitate to email me.
jamesbell [AT] westnet [dot] com [dot] au
This an interesting quote from ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in relation to the native
people of the Americas.

“you must attach great importance
to the Indians, the original inhabitants of America, for these souls may be
likened unto the ancient inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula, who prior to the Revelation of Muhammad , were like savages. When the Mohammedan light shone forth in their midst they became so enkindled that they shed illumination upon the world Like wise should these Indians be
educated and properly guided, there can be no doubt that through the Divine
teaching they will become so enlightened that the whole earth will be illumined.”

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