Cluster Entwicklung in Tansania unterstützen

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Das National Cluster Development Committee von Tansania schreibt, dass einige Jahr des Dienstes Helfer dort gebraucht werden um die Cluster-Entwicklungen zu unterstützen. Es gibt Projekte in Dar Es Salaam, Tabora und Ruaha.

Der Flug nach Tansania sollte selber bezahlt werden, für Unterkunft dort wird aber gesorgt. $100-$150 sollten monatlich für Verpflegung und andere persönliche Ausgaben ausreichen. Hier stehen jetzt noch die Details über jeden Ort und welche Art von Dienst benötigt wird.

Kontaktiert uns bitte, wenn ihr euch mit Tansania in Verbindung setzen wollt und wir geben euch die Kontaktdaten.

mehr Informationen zu den einzelnen Möglichkeiten (Englisch):


Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania, and the hub of international travel. It is where the National Centre of the Bahá'ís of Tanzania is located. Dar es Salaam is an 'A' cluster. Any volunteer will have the opportunity to take part in the activities of the cluster's IPGs. The following positions for volunteers with the Bahá'í community there are available:

  • Assistant to the National Cluster Development Committee and choir leader: The National Cluster Development Committee requires an assistant to help with its secretarial, office and administrative duties. The Committee is responsible for the development of clusters throughout Tanzania, as well as working with pioneers to help the clusters advance. This volunteer would also be deployed in serving in the National Office at the National Centre, carrying out general office duties under the direction of the Office Manager. Finally, the choir in Dar es Salaam requires some dedication by an individual to realize its potential. For this reason, the volunteer would also be requested to serve with the choir and ensure its functioning. Musical skills and experience in working with and/or directing a choir would, therefore, be necessary.

  • Office of External Affairs: The Office of External Affairs requires a full-time volunteer dedicated to the development of the Office and to work as the direct assistant to the Director of the Office. The duties of the volunteer will include, among other things, general office activities, such as establishing a filing system, updating office contact lists, and writing and processing correspondence; contacting and following up with government, press and religious officials concerning the affairs of the Faith; and submitting articles and news items to the press. Due to the sensitive nature of much of the work of the Office the volunteer should be 20+ years of age and provide a letter of recommendation from his/her Local Spiritual Assembly. The youth should be mature and good at following instructions; excellent at writing and communicating with others; possess good computer skills; and be fluent in English. Experience in Bahá'í administration and public information/public affairs is a plus.


Tabora is a town located in the central part of Tanzania. It is currently a 'B' cluster, but is on course to become 'A' within the next year.

  • Teaching and choir: There are many activities that a volunteer could get involved in there. The secondary school in Tabora uses volunteers to teach different subjects (volunteer must have completed second-level education at least to assist in this regard), where English will be used. Other activities a volunteer can get involved in include: working with the choir (musical abilities very desirable), dance workshop, junior youth activities, other core activities, giving classes in music, or teaching various instruments, make home visits. For most of the activities outside of the work in the school and with the choir, a knowledge of Swahili is desirable. The service in Tabora is an open service and requires creativity on the part of the volunteer.

RUAHA:Iringa is located in the southern highlands of Tanzania. It is an 'A' cluster. Located just outside the centre of Iringa town is Ruaha Secondary School.

    • Volunteer duties: Volunteers at Ruaha are required to carry out teaching and other administrative duties as required by the school. More information about the school can be found at the website for the Mona Foundation,

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