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Du bist interessiert an eine Periode des Dienstes im Medienbereich und findest es spannend, bei der Produktion einer Bahai-inspirierten Kindersendung in Äthiopien mitzuwirken? Dann solltest du dir die folgenden Informationen auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen!

Volunteer Service Opportunities in Ethiopia

Whiz Kids Workshop http://www.whizkidsworkshop.com is accepting applications for year of service positions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Whiz Kids Workshop is a Baha'i-inspired educational media company. We are best known for our international award winning educational children's TV series "Tsehai Loves Learning." Each broadcast episode reaches an estimated 5,000,000 children, most of whom have no alternative form of early child education.  The educational objectives range from moral education to literacy to environment protection to emotional well-being to public health.

Here are general project descriptions of what we are working on right now:-

“Tsehai Loves learning” is an award-winning, educational, TV series for young children. It is the first & the only children educational TV series in Ethiopia. It has won numerous awards for innovation, quality, and educational design. It is a puppet show mixed with computer graphics. You can watch samples at www.whizkidsworkshop.com or www.tsehai.com
“Tsehai Loves learning” awards include:
Winners of Japan Prize 2008 - Pre-School Category (Japan)
Winners of the 2008 Prix Jeunesse International - Next Generation Prize (Germany)
Winner of the 2008 Pan African Entrepreneurship in education (South Africa)
Nominee for 2010 Taiwan children’s film festival

Under this project we have to produce 12 episodes in the next few months about good character (about Honesty, transparency, and so on)

Human resource needed: writer, Animator, editor, communication officer, marketing manager, music writer (simple melody & lyrics)

“Tsehai Fidel school” is a 30 min TV series for young children which teaches the Ethiopian Alphabet. This show is a spin-off of Tsehai Loves Learning. It has not been produced yet but has a well written proposal and sample scenes which won the 2009 Japan Prize – Proposal division UNESCO prize for promoting literacy.

Human resource needed: Artist & Animator , fund raiser,  music writer (simple melody & lyrics)

“Involve Me” is a 10 min series targeted at youth. This unique show is a reality series where children will get a three day basic film making training and make a one minute film about their dreams, challenges, hopes, etc. We do a short documentary about each child and feature the making of his/her film and show the film. We usually do the trainings with children who have never touched a camera before and are disadvantaged children.  The pilot episode for this series is done, as well as half the shooting for additional episodes, and half the student films.

Human resource needed: cinematographer, director, writer, marketer

“Lost & Found” is a short children’s film about child labor. It is a mix of live action and animation. This project is at the script stage. We are hoping that we will get a good training on filming live action before we start shooting this film.

Human resource needed: cinematographer, animators, grant writer

“Little Investigators” is a pilot show which encourages youth to ask question and investigate. We are currently working on this show. This show is hosted by three youth (ages 12-14) who try to find solutions or a way forward for some social or scientific issues raised by other children.
Human resource needed: cinematographer, director, grant writer, writer

We are working on 3 short animated web episodes in Arabic, French & English for wider audience in Africa which focus on HIV & harmful traditional practices.

Human resource needed: Writer, Director, Animator, Artist & editor

So if anyone wants to come and work with us on one or more of these projects, or just give training for a few weeks, I will be trilled to facilitate things like accommodation. Since we are working under budgets relative to the local economy, we cannot afford to provide air tickets.
The positions will depend on qualifications of the volunteers. We are most interested in receiving volunteers who can assist with:
Ø      Proposal writing / grant research /fund raising
Ø      Artwork including character drawing, graphic design, and/or animation
Ø      Filming and editing
Ø      Communication needs and production schedule management
Ø       Script writing
Ø       Website designing and educational game development

We are most interested in applicants who are passionate about education and providing for under-served children.

Addis Ababa is an "A" cluster actively participating in intensive programs of growth. There are plenty of additional opportunities to serve in the evenings, weekends and breaks such as travel teaching in rural areas and organizing core activities.
Please e-mail your resume with your working interest area to bruktea@gmail.com or YOS@whizkidsworkshop.com

Shane & Brukty
Whiz Kids Workshop P.L.C.


Winners of Japan Prize 2008 - Pre-School Category
Winners of the 2008 Prix Jeunesse International - Next Generation Prize
P.O. Box 608 Code 1250
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
+251-91-1-653994 (mobile)
+251-11-6-297768 (office)

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